How We Started

Stephen Peters spent years with medium and large companies focusing on quality control, process improvement, safety management, and management training. Just over 10 years ago, while working with an international manufacturer as a buyer, Mr. Peters facilitated many of the co-packing activities needed to support the pace of growth the company needed. Mr. Peters travelled across North America in search of co-packers that could support implementation projects effectively.

While a great support network was developed in Eastern Canada and the U.S.A. there was an obvious gap in Western Canada for a professional co-packer. Stephen Peters had the vision to fill this gap and support manufacturers with the assembly of specialty packaging and custom product launches.

With the introduction of Bullseye Packaging over 10 years ago, we have proven to fill this gap of services in Western Canada and continue to grow each year as a result. Starting from a single operation in Kelowna BC, Bullseye Packaging has grow to having two facilities one in Chilliwack BC and the other in Calgary AB. We have continued to consistently out-perform and successfully service the marketplace.

Mr. Peters now lives in the Okanagan with his wife and eight kids.  Travelling between Kelowna and our two operations - Chilliwack, BC and Calgary, AB - is a perfect balance for them.

Meeting Your Markets Needs

At Bullseye we believe that in an ever changing economy, a specialized co-packer provides the competitive edge a company needs to compete aggressively, efficiently, and immediately to the market demands and changes in the level of competition. When investing significant capital, floor space, or human resources is not an appropriate option for a company, they can easily turn to a co-packer that is not in the business to compete with them.

We have the equipment, expertise, and human resources available to handle complex pack formats, or specialty packaging needed to make an impact in the market. Bullseye Packaging Services Inc. is the solution to the gap in Western Canada's ability to address the demand for variety packs, off-shelf merchandisers, and custom pack formats. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next project!

Licensing and Permits

Both locations have the ability to handle products containing alcohol with our Excise licence. This licence allows us to be able to keep alcoholic products on hand and assemble any type of variety or specialty packs that you require.

Not only do we have the ability to work with alcoholic products but we also can handle and store any sealed or pre packaged food products with our Food Handling Permit.

These licences allow us to store and handle multiple types of product so we can put together any variety pack, specialty pack or point-of-purchase display that you need.

Additionally we have our AGLC LicenseNHP Site LicenseNSF Food Safety Annual Audit (for Costco Co-Packing), and we Follow All GMP Guidelines!

Quality Assurance

Bullseye Packaging is committed to meet and exceed your expectations on every project. We work with you to define what success means, and how it can be measured, for your specific product and packaging needs.

Bullseye Packaging works within your project timelines, production schedules and procurement needs. By supplying comprehensive package traceability, and report on each project in a proactive manner throughout the duration of production.


At Bullseye Packaging Services we realize the effects manufacturing and packaging can have on our Earth's environment. With this in mind Bullseye Packaging Services takes every effort to re-use or recycle all packaging materials. As technology and science continues to advance we are continually searching for more effective ways to help our environment.

"We have not inherited this earth from our parents to do with it what we will. We have borrowed it from our children and we must be careful to use it in their interests as well as our own.- Moses Henry Cass