Variety packs

Six of one, half a dozen of the other?
Not quite that simple.

Alberta summer variety pack by Bullseye
Okanagan Spring variety pack by Bullseye
American Vintage variety pack by Bullseye
Nestle Waters variety pack by Bullseye

We’ve done this for years

From simply adding a new product as an extra to an existing pack to a complete pack of new products. From getting to market as quickly and efficiently as possible to introducing a brand new product line. We can do this for you.

Consumers love variety packs! They provide exceptional value to your market either through complimentary promotional items or by providing variety and diversity through the combination of multiple products. Either way, variety packs are sought out every day.

What we can do

Is this all Greek? See our Glossary

  • re-packaging
  • rainbow/season/specialty packs
  • hand assembly
  • shrink-wrapped bundles
  • club packs
  • product sampler
  • sticker promotions
  • pre-packaged food products
  • recovery projects
  • POP displays
  • end aisle units
  • full, half, & quarter pallet displays
  • large width film capacity
  • printed & clear film
  • automated pallet wrapping
  • order fulfilment services
  • next day shipping
  • and MORE!

Bullseye benefits

Bullseye is a leader in co-packing, operating in state-of-the-art facilities with an experienced and dedicated team working with your products. We have become the "go-to" for beverage and food packaging not just because of our processes, but because of our expertise. We commit to working with you, providing advice and best practices (throw in some innovation too) to get your product in front of customers and into their shopping carts.

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Just a peek at some of the amazing products
that have rolled off our lines.

Customer stories

Please! Bottling Co.

Crafted locally, we use real ingredients that reflect the source of the flavours they represent. Have you ever had a vodka beverage featuring mango, coconut, lemon, lime, sticky rice and pandan? That...

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We have worked together to create consistent, quality results in our 35 packs and 24 packs of bottled water. Bullseye efficiently assembles our Pure Life® variety packs and applies printed film to cre...

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Wize Spirits Co.

Wize Spirits Co. is the original nostalgia inspired premium vodka soda-made with 100% all-natural flavours, sugar-free and gluten-free. Independent since 2019 and made locally in British Columbia, Wiz...

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No Sugar Company

No Sugar Company believes that refined sugar is bad for you and should be left out of most foods — plain and simple. This is why we were the first company committed to having no sugar in any of our pr...

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Origin Malting Co

We use barley grown on our local family farm to offer a truly sustainable ‘grain to glass’ experience. Five generations of farming means that you not only get intentionally chosen ingredients, but als...

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Frequently asked questions

A Variety Pack or Mix Pack is the culmination of various products, often from within the same category, into a smaller package for the consumer to experience. For example a variety pack of silk scarves from all over the world in a vast selection of colours.

Primary co-packing is packaging that works directly with the contents of the product. For example, a company that is a primary co-packer for a winery would be the one doing the liquid filling of the bottles from the barrels.

Secondary co-packing is the transition from finished product to being ready for delivery. This can be variety packs of your favourite items or simply having your product compiled in a bulk format for your customers’ needs.

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