Bundle Wrapping

It's like the professional league
of wrapping. If there was one.

Nestle Waters bundle wrapping by Bullseye Packaging
Beverage bundle wrapping by Bullseye Packaging
Warehoused bundle wrapping by Bullseye Packaging
Palm Bay bundle wrapping by Bullseye Packaging

Wrap it up as if it were a present

Today’s consumers are looking for innovative products with high levels of design and style. Bullseye Packaging offers custom printed shrink applications, giving your products an outstanding appearance.

We efficiently process high-volume projects and multipack formats in many shapes and sizes. We can connect you with custom blends of film to meet your environmental or logistical objectives efficiently and smoothly.

Our packaging technology is unique, as it eliminates the unsightly seal weld, and delivers a smooth complete finished product. Our equipment has been developed to set a higher standard in contract packaging performance.

What we can do

Is this all Greek? See our Glossary

  • re-packaging
  • rainbow/season/specialty packs
  • hand assembly
  • shrink-wrapped bundles
  • club packs
  • product sampler
  • sticker promotions
  • pre-packaged food products
  • recovery projects
  • POP displays
  • end aisle units
  • full, half, & quarter pallet displays

  • large width film capacity
  • printed & clear film
  • automated pallet wrapping
  • order fulfilment services
  • next day shipping
  • and MORE!

Bullseye benefits

There are very few co-packers that perform bundle wrapping in Western Canada - even fewer that can apply printed film (we do clear and printed!). And on top of that, equipment is only as good as its operators. Good thing we have a highly experienced, efficient bundle wrapping team! We've always taken the approach that despite lack of competition, we are still highly driven to reach superior quality in our work.

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Just a peek at some of the amazing products
that have rolled off our lines.

Customer stories

Functional Beverage Group

At The Functional Beverage Group we create products thoughtfully. We’re continually adapting our practices to be more health forward, sustainable and environmentally friendly....

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The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

The Grizzly Paw Pub & Brewing Company is located in picturesque Canmore, Alberta in the heart of the Canadian Rockies....

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Please! Bottling Co.

Crafted locally, we use real ingredients that reflect the source of the flavours they represent. Have you ever had a vodka beverage featuring mango, coconut, lemon, lime, sticky rice and pandan? That...

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We have worked together to create consistent, quality results in our 35 packs and 24 packs of bottled water. Bullseye efficiently assembles our Pure Life® variety packs and applies printed film to cre...

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Wize Spirits Co.

Wize Spirits Co. is the original nostalgia inspired premium vodka soda-made with 100% all-natural flavours, sugar-free and gluten-free. Independent since 2019 and made locally in British Columbia, Wiz...

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Frequently asked questions

Bundle wrapping is similar to wrapping up leftovers to send home with a guest. Except the plastic film is thicker and more opaque than most plastic wrap that you would use in the home, and it is used to encase a tray full of product. This provides a secure, clean and protective way to prepare our clients' products to be ready for delivery with consistency and stability every single time.

As it relates to bundle wrapping, the term refers to a feature on a tray that has been shrink wrapped in bundle film. The characteristic of this shrinkwrapping is that two opposite ends of the tray have rounded open areas making it convenient to grab in that spot to carry it. The rounded openings are said to resemble a “bullseye” or are even sometimes referred to as “bullet holes”.

Taking product in one count and converting it to another count. For instance, perhaps your product is manufactured and shipped as 12 packs, but Costco wants to sell it in a 24 pack. We can help you convert it to the right format.

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