Promotional Packs

It's like the cherry on top.
If there was cherry. And it was a cake.

Coors Light promotional pack from Bullseye
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It all adds up

We recently read that over 90% of people could successfully recall a promotional product they had received in the past two years and over 50% said that the promotional product influenced or inspired them to buy the product. So if you are looking for a way to generate higher awareness and sales, promotional packs could just do the trick.

Adding a little delight - a sample, a gift, a coupon, a gift card - can help you stand out among your competition. Promotional packs are also an ideal way to leverage a partnership, associating your brand with a different one to expose you to a new audience. We'll work with you to get ready for the date, making sure that your plus one is a showstopper.

What we can do

Is this all Greek? See our Glossary

  • re-packaging
  • rainbow/season/specialty packs
  • hand assembly
  • shrink-wrapped bundles
  • club packs
  • product sampler
  • sticker promotions
  • pre-packaged food products
  • recovery projects
  • POP displays
  • end aisle units
  • full, half, & quarter pallet displays
  • large width film capacity
  • printed & clear film
  • automated pallet wrapping
  • order fulfilment services
  • next day shipping
  • and MORE!

Bullseye benefits

Promo packs can vary in volume so Bullseye makes sure that we have the ability to scale our services - from tiny to huge orders! And promos should be perfect, right? That's why we ask for perfect examples from clients to train our team on, making sure to pay attention to any anomalies/issues that catch our eye to prevent any errors before they go to market. The Bullseye team is really the difference here - we really do recognize the advantage of hands-on humans performing these detailed/specific tasks. 

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    Just a peek at some of the amazing products
    that have rolled off our lines.

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    Frequently asked questions

    This could refer to anything you want attached to your product to capture your target audience’s attention and encourage them to buy. (i.e. coupon, gift with purchase, etc.)

    Coupons are a great purchase incentive and can be attached to your product by adhesive, elastic, a die-cut hole, neck tag, etc.

    GWP is an acronym for “Gift With Purchase”. It is an add-on to an existing product. Two examples could be a miniature freebie attached to the product for purchase, or the product purchase may make a consumer eligible to receive an item from a dump bin display.

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