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Eira Braun-Labossiere January 15, 2024

On the fence about how to best promote your product in store?

NOW is the best time to promote with a Variety Pack.

Why is that?

According to "a new survey from Dalhousie University’s Agri-Food Analytics Lab, in partnership with Caddle, Canadians say they plan to cut back on certain purchases in 2024."

The survey is reviewed in Canadian Grocer and reveals that 43% of Canadians are aiming to reduce snacks and convenience foods and 28% will buy fewer alcoholic beverages.

The article continues "Consumers will primarily seek out promotions (43%) to cope with high costs". That means you will need to motivate consumers by giving them value. That is the power of choice – it is a highly attractive value-add. How?


Budget Conscious Selections

Promoting via a Mix Pack Value Pack is appealing for budget-conscious consumers. Multi-packs are a volume product so are typically offered at a better rate than individual items. Buying in bulk this way will provide an economical impression on the shopper.


The typical consumer won’t often have the buying power or desire to purchase various products that are similar. And which of us has time to curate our own personal bundle of goods?

By taking selection steps out of the equation by pre-assembling variety for the customer, you are adding value to their dollar while driving a higher volume of sales at the same time.

Brand and Flavour Feature

Variety packs afford you the opportunity to showcase your brand and your line of flavours. Larger packaging puts your brand front and centre and the chance to win over new flavour favourites, thereby inviting loyalty.

You may even consider cross-promoting with a complementary brand within your own portfolio or by working with another manufacturer altogether.

Take a look at your product lines and devise your strategy to help your consumer simultaneously save a few pennies while increasing your product sales and brand awareness.

Execution Advice

A word of warning though: if this is not a typical inhouse activity, assembling variety packs can be time consuming It can also quickly congest your warehouse space.

A wise solution is to cultivate a partnership with a reliable professional co-packer. Seek out one who specializes in efficient turnaround and attractive finished good results.

Whether it’s beer, candy bars, multi-vitamins, or soda, Variety Packs are a great motivator for the budget conscious consumer. Retain customers and maybe even win over some new ones by addressing their need for value in economically complicated times.

Show them you’re on their side to help them save money and shopping time by selling your goods in a tidy little mix pack.

There are a number of ways to feature your lines and flavours. Check out our blog post on this topic!

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