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Twin Packs, Multi-Packs, Variety Packs, Oh My!

Eira Braun-Labossiere November 18, 2022

Promoting in Pack Formats

If you are selling in a Canadian club store such as Costco, your selling unit is likely to be in a larger value size than the usual retail store size.  This can be accomplished by selling in a single unit that is in a larger size or you can create a larger unit by combining multiple items into a twin, multi or variety pack.

Here are some FAQ’s about selling items in packs:

Twin Pack
Variety Pack

What is the difference between pack styles?

Twin Pack

Twin Packs are two of the same size items. They can be two of the same or two different flavours or same size SKUs.

Multi Pack

Multi-Packs have three or more of the same items packaged together as a single selling unit.

Variety Pack

Variety Packs have multiple items the same size but a variety of flavours or colours, etc. to showcase a product line from one brand.

“Historically, dollar sales for variety packs have increased in the weeks leading into a holiday. The changing seasons, as well as the overall festive atmosphere that the holidays bring, make this time of year a great time to encourage customers to branch out from their usual purchases and try something new.”

- Scott Oeffling, explaining timing strategy in his article “The Power of the Variety Pack”

What is the benefit?

Acquiring new-to-brand consumers is one important benefit.

“First purchases typically come through variety and multi-pack offers as new-to-brand customers enjoy trying a variety versus purchasing just one flavor or option,” an American fulfillment centre (Whitebox) identifies in one of their blogs.

How do I make a special promo pack?

There are different ways to prepare a specialty pack for retail.

One way is to have a special custom printed folding carton designed and produced. Your various items will need to be loaded into the box. This activity can either be packed in house by your team or it can be outsourced to a professional co-packer.

Another option is to skip the carton altogether and rather shrink-wrap the items with a thin clear film. By using a paper support to maintain structure and enhance your branding, your promo pack will better retain its structural integrity during shipping to store.

Try this promotional technique. Consumers will find benefits and value in your special pack formats.

It “…protects items against damage from consumer handling on retail sales floors. Overwraps also furnish appropriate levels of tamper resistance, discouraging pilfering at the retail level.”

- Assemblies Unlimited points out the bonus when shrink-wrapping into twin or multi-packs

Need to outsource the assembly or shrink-wrapping to a re-packer who has the equipment and systems already in place? Contact us for a free quote today!