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Wize Spirits Co.

The opportunity

Wize Spirits Co. is the original nostalgia inspired premium vodka soda-made with 100% all-natural flavours, sugar-free and gluten-free. Independent since 2019 and made locally in British Columbia, Wize Spirits offers throwback flavors like Cotton Candy Lemonade, Orange'sicle, Grape'sicle, Cream Soda, Root Beer, and Vanilla Cola and is available in 800+ government and private liquor stores across BC and AB. Available in 355ml can 6-packs,12-can and 24-can mixed packs, as well 473ml single cans.

Services provided

  • Bundle Wrapping
Grapesicle bundle wrap - Wize Spirits Co.

The results

We hit a small roadblock after manufacture when bundle wrapping equipment became unavailable to us. We had been in contact with Bullseye previously about a different project and they immediately came to mind to help us work out a solution. We sent them WIP to de-palletize, apply bundle wrap clear film over filled trays of cans, and re-palletize. They happily accommodated our requests and can turn our loads around quickly and efficiently. Our product is ready in no time. Their cooperation and coordination on this project have helped us get our product out the door and onto retail shelves with ease. What a difference it makes to have a copacker who understands the value of efficiency!