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The opportunity

The founder of SmartSweets, Tara Bosch, started the company with a mission to #KickSugar and create a movement based on smaller, smarter choices.
Her quest to innovate the first smart candy that kicks sugar began after forming an unhealthy relationship with food and experiencing the negative effects sugar has on our health. After spending months recipe testing in her kitchen, she innovated the first smart candy you can feel good about enjoying.
They are tackling one of the largest and most concerning problems hidden in our every day foods- Sugar.
Tara as well as Bullseye Packaging can't wait for you to try SmartSweets and join them on their mission to #KickSugar.

Services provided

  • eCommerce & Fulfillment
  • Warehousing
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The results

SmartSweets is an award winning company that has been making huge waves in the health food industry. We have done this by providing excellent products and by putting the health of our consumers first. Bullseye Packaging has been instrumental in the success of our product by providing excellent service and continually working to make sure all of our needs are met. They fulfilled all orders we sent to them and we look forward to working with them as we grow to meet the needs of the ever-changing marketplace.

Bullseye Packaging has been an integral part of SmartSweets mission to kick sugar as our partner in fulfilment across Canada. They have gone above and beyond to service us & our customers specific needs- If you are looking for a fulfilment partner to grow with you, you're lucky you've found Bullseye!

- Tara Bosch, Founder, SmartSweets