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Sleeman Brewing

The opportunity

Before meeting and eventually working with Bullseye, Sleeman was processing our own variety packs in-house with support from a local co-packer for heavy demand periods. We experienced a lot frustration and inefficiencies with this production model and were looking for a better way.

Bullseye presented their services in BC as a solution to both our in-house and outsourcing quality and serviced concerns. Within a short time of working with us, all of our variety packing production was transferred to their BC operation. Ever since 2009 they have been working with Sleeman successfully.

In 2012, we seized an opportunity to save on transportation costs by having the Alberta and Prairie volumes co-packed in our plant in Calgary. We began experiencing similar quality and service issues that we had formerly lived through before our partnership with Bullseye. To solve our problems we asked them to set up an operation in Calgary, AB and continue to service our needs from there.

Since early 2013, Bullseye Packaging has regained all of the Western Canadian production with Sleeman and have been successful and smooth through the transition. Currently Bullseye has a warehouse in Chilliwack, BC and Calgary, AB to service all variety packing needs on a consistent and reliable basis.

Services provided

  • Variety Packs
  • Bundle Wrapping
  • Promotional Packs

The results

The transition from processing variety packs in-house to Bullseye was very smooth. They ran a trial truckload to confirm all the reporting systems were in place effectively and then they were ready to process our products on a regular basis.

Based on their quality and service, they began processing all variety packs for Western Canada very soon after they began.

They focus on pack format specifications, artwork, case seal, product mix, and lot traceability so that Sleeman can focus on delivering the product to retail stores efficiently and consistently.

Bullseye often works with the planning department to schedule needs on a priority basis and ensure the market is always flush with pruduct when it needs to be there.

We have been so pleased to work with Bullseye Packaging and they have been an integral part of the success of mixed beer packs! They have provided an exceptional level of customer service with a keen eye for quality. They have welcomed all our rush requests and have been more than accommodating to the complexities in our supply chain.

- Lauralee Legge, Inventory Planner, Sleeman Breweries Ltd