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The Opportunity

Repack Canada has a successful background implementing new marketing campaigns and providing a wide range of services from design through to implementation.  Our dedication to quality, efficiency, and communication are what sets us apart from the other co-packers in Eastern Canada.  While we coordinate with clients throughout North America and even Europe, our focus is primarily in Eastern Canada.  However, Canada covers a massive geographical space so when we have clients who wish to reach both coastlines we worked to find a regional specialist in Western Canada. Our clients trust us to use our 18 years of experience to spot likeminded co-packers who can meet their regional goals and we pride ourselves in working with reliable and trustworthy business partners.  

The Results

When looking for a co-packer to work with in Western Canada we found commonalities with Bullseye Packaging Services as a suitable business partner.  Bullseye has proven themselves as dependable, accountable, and responsive co-packing affiliate.  They allow us complete visibility of our projects within their environment based on their timely reporting of all incoming goods and packaging, production reports, and shipping manifests.  Every truckload is reported to us along with timely documentation. All new projects are started with photos of the finished pack and pallet for visibility and confirmation of performance.  Bullseye has taken on recovery projects, displays, and bundle packs.  They have worked intimately with us and the client to launch new products and marketing campaigns with complex distribution requirements with clarity and confidence during the entirety of the process.

Services Provided

  • 12 bottle Ito En in clear shrink film
  • Kosher relabelling
  • Seafood Displays
  • Seafood packs in clear film and tray
  • Floor Displays
  • Counter Displays
  • Event Materials Assembly

Client Testimonial

"We’ve co-ordinated about a dozen projects with Bullseye since 2011.  Every project has been a quality and timing success and we appreciate Bullseye’s good-natured culture and flexibility in working together with us to meet our clients' requirements."

Eira Braun-Labossiere
Sales Associate & Customer Service
Project Coordinator for Repack/Bullseye

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