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Please! Bottling Co.

The opportunity

Please! Bottling Co. makes pleasant drinks for kind spirits.  You might say they are “improper cocktails made with proper ingredients”.

Crafted locally, we use real ingredients that reflect the source of the flavours they represent.  Have you ever had a vodka beverage featuring mango, coconut, lemon, lime, sticky rice and pandan? That’s our Third Beach cocktail and there are three more delicious varieties to choose from.

Launching in the summer of 2022, we wanted to showcase our uniquely flavoured bottled cocktails with an exclusive variety pack. We acted on a referral to a local co-packer with a reputation for excellent, efficient results.

Services provided

  • Variety Packs
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The results

Aside from our stand-out flavours, another distinctive feature about our beverage is that we sell it in glass bottles instead of cans.

Some of the details of this project were slightly different than Bullseye’s usual variety packing process but they took it all in stride, paying attention to the little things that would make a big difference.

Our custom cartons have preview windows so that the bottle inside matches with the printing on the box. We needed each carton packed very specifically; each flavour loaded into its assigned quadrant.

Bullseye acknowledged their understanding of our request by sending us photos of first cases for review and approval, to ensure we were getting just what we asked for. Then they followed through, completing our project how and when they promised they would.