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The Opportunity

Nütrl Vodka Soda is a true innovation… the first of its kind. It’s a super-simple-super-premium craft vodka refresher made without sweeteners or artificial flavours of any kind.Simply craft vodka, soda water and natural fruit flavour… NO carbs. NO sugar. NO sweetener. NO preservatives. NO sodium. Only 98 calories.


NÜTRL Vodka 24 pack

NÜTRL Vodka 24 pack

The Results

Quality and simplicity is the cornerstone of our brands. Bullseye’s priority aligns perfectly with our core values of quality and simplicity. Bullseye has made developing of mixed packages seamless freeing us to concentrate on our core proficiencies of developing artisanal spirits and refreshment beverages. They facilitate the packaging production and distribution of our finished variety packs which has increased our speed to market and market penetration across multiple provinces. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of work and consumer service that Bullseye has provided.

Services Provided

  • 24 Can Variety Pack
  • 12 Can Mixer in Tray

Client Testimonial

"Stephen, Jason and the entire Bullseye team have been fantastic. The quality of work, speed of production and customer service has been first rate. Their ability to source materials, solve problems and coordinate shipping has greatly simplified our business and made us more efficient. We look forward to working with the Bullseye team for a long time."

Adam McDonnell
Managing Director
G&W Distilling

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