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The Opportunity

Molson Coors Canada, founded in 1786 by English immigrant John Molson in Montreal on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, is North America's oldest brewer. Molson was a tenacious entrepreneur and a passionate innovator. He developed his own strain of yeast for brewing and built the first entirely Canadian-made steamboat. The pride of craftsmanship instilled by John Molson over 229 years ago is what makes Molson's leading beer brands, including Molson Canadian, Coors Light, and Rickard's, so popular with consumers. We are the largest Canadian brewer with seven brewery facilities and 3,000 employees.  

Our brewing mastery comes from our commitment to the craft. Many of our brewers have backgrounds in engineering, biology, or chemistry. Our brewer training passes trade secrets down through the generations. And, a small-scale trial brewery operated by Molson in Toronto lets brewmasters experiment to improve existing brews and develop new ones to keep the brand fresh.

Great beer is impossible without passion, but meticulous attention to detail ensures the consistency that makes a brand endure. Every supplier who works with Molson Coors must meet rigorous standards for ingredients and materials. Each brew is closely monitored and evaluated for quality before being distributed with the Molson Coors name.

24 Can Raptors Promo Pack

24 Can Raptors Promo Pack

The Results

Our first experience working with Bullseye Packaging has been an excellent one.  We entrusted them with the packaging of our 24 Can Raptors Promo Pack and they did so splendidly.  Their attention to detail reminded us of our own operation, which is exactly what we look for when working with external brands and companies.  Taking our timeline and specifications into account the staff were able to complete our order in a timely and orderly manner!  We look forward to finding many future projects that we can collaborate on in the coming years.

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  • 24 Can Promo Pack