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The Opportunity

Craft Collective Beerwork's 50hl, four-vessel Newlands Systems Inc. brewhouse is as efficient a system you’ll find in Western Canada. They can produce up to 70,000 hl per year, with enough flexibility in their brewhouse to incorporate any number of ingredients and techniques to replicate your recipes. The quality and purity of Vancouver’s water supply enables them to match the exact water character from your brewery to replicate all beer types.


12 Can Packs

12 Can Packs

The Results

By combining Craft Collective's vast assortment of products with Bullseye's assembly services for specialty mixer packs we were able to find the best of both worlds.  While Bullseye focuses on specialty packs we can focus on supporting our brewers.  Our state of the art brewing, bottling, and canning facilities are set up to provide the best foundation for the creation of our top notch products!  Their willingness to discuss our projects and get to know who we are as a company really makes them stand out from the competition.  With Bullseye's co-packing and our brewer's delicious concoctions this is the winning formula that we have been looking for!

Services Provided

  • 24 Can Clear Wrap
  • 12 Can Variety Packs 

Client Testimonial

"The relationship created between Bullseye Packaging and Craft Collective Beerworks is a burgeoning one. We hope to continue to build on partnership successes in the future and take advantage of Bullseye's re-packing expertise and superior customer service to satisfy our clients' needs."

Kerwin Wong
Director, Business Development
Craft Collective Beerworks

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