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The Opportunity

We Bring Good Beer to Good People

Authentic and rich, created from only the most superior ingredients and often described as ‘pure bliss in a glass’, every sip of craft beer displays the artistry and passion of its maker and the innovation and complexity of its production process. A beverage to be savoured, craft beer is treasured by millions of Canadians as something to be admired and revered, with each beer having its own unique interpretation and story of discovery to share.

Established in 2011, Craft Beer Importers Canada Inc. was developed to honour the brewing tradition. Through committed and exceptional representation of the world’s best beers, Craft Beer Importers continuously strives to expand its portfolio to bring many more exciting products to provinces all across Canada.


The Results


Due to the number of different flavours our projects require, trying to package our products in-house would be a logistical nightmare.  However, with the help of Bullseye Packaging we are able to meet the needs of the market no matter our product.  Any issues that have come up have been handled by the team at Bullseye Packaging's Alberta location promptly and effecitvely.  Always outputing a quality product has been a key factor in our business with Bullseye Packaging and we look forward to continuing that partnership.

Services Provided

  • Christmas Advent Calendar (24 Different Flavours)
  • Alberta Mixer Pack (12 Different Flavours)

Client Testimonial

 "We are very pleased to have discovered Bullseye Packaging in 2016 for the assembly of the Costco BeerAdvent® Calendar.  Stephen and his crew work with our tight timelines and provide a high level of customer service.  Bullseye recently assembled the 2017 Alberta Mixer Pack and were an Alberta Partner on this new initiative. We are looking forward to working with the Bullseye crew on our next project!"

Janice Vanderwell
Director of Operations
Craft Beer Importers

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