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The Opportunity

It’s a little-known fact that Jill and I create every single product that comes out of Baby Gourmet. We use our motherly instincts to decide which flavours to bring to market and have a deep understanding of our fellow moms and what they want for their babies.

Every product starts in our kitchen and then moves into production under our watchful eye. We’re beyond passionate about our food. To this day, Jill and I are on site for each new product run to ensure the highest quality product is made for our biggest critic – your baby.

Jen & Jill of Baby Gourmet

Jen & Jill of Baby Gourmet

The Results

Working with Bullseye Packaging was exactly what we needed when we needed it!  There was a slight issue with some of our pouches which required a quick and effective response that we couldn't handle on our own.  Bullseye Packaging worked through our product making sure that each and every pouch met our standards before packing them back up and sending them out to our distributors.  We look forward to future opportunities to utilize their skill set should they arise!

Services Provided

  • Quality Checking Pouches