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Alberta Beer Festivals

The opportunity

Alberta Beer Festival’s Mission is to provide the ultimate beer & spirit experience! Each of our 6 events provides a forum for breweries and distilleries to share their stories, passions, and products with the beer enthusiasts of Western Canada. ABF strives to have a positive impact in the beer/spirit industry, with local charities, and within our community.

Every year we put together events across Alberta, but due to Covid-19 we had to get creative!

Ironically, our out of the box approach was to put everything into a box and make it available for a large range of consumers! We love the idea of putting the highlights of a beer festival together into one package and we are looking at ways to implement this again in the future!

Services provided

  • Variety Packs
  • Kitting and Assembly
ABF variety pack.png

The results

In order to put out the best experience possible we made sure to partner with some of the best companies for the job. We had heard from the Bearhill Brewing Company that Bullseye excelled at what they did and we made sure to get in touch. Bullseye did not disappoint, the assembly and quality assurance that they provided became the perfect capstone as we stocked our inventories for the consumers who would be calling. As the work that they have done more than met our standards, we look forward to collabo- rating on future editions to come!

Bullseye Packaging has been an incredible partner from start to finish on our project. They were friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They answered all of our many questions with patience and professionalism. We're looking forward to partnering on many more projects with Bullseye moving forward.

- Bill Robinson, President, Alberta Beer Festivals