Stephen Peters

- President

After a time as a Senior Consultant, Stephen Peters took a role in Procurement with an Okanagan manufacturer.  It was during this time that he identified a shortage of professional support services in Western Canada.   What grew out of frustration with available vendors, became a vision to serve Western Canada with a wide variety of business solutions through a new business start-up.  From a humble beginning in November 2006, Stephen has enjoyed a great adventure building a professional team, and serving amazing clients, at Bullseye Packaging.

Employing his background in quality and business solutions implementation, Stephen has focused on building effective systems and processes for the operation to consistently meet their client’s needs.  When he’s not working with clients, staff, or vendors with Bullseye; he’s enjoying snowboarding, sailing, or taking a cruise on his bike with his family in the Okanagan.

Adrian Houser

- Director of Operations

Previously working in customer service, Adrian joined Bullseye in 2009 as a Production Worker.

Adrian was hired as a production worker, then promoted to Production Lead, Productions Supervisor, Production Manager, before being promoted to Director of Operations

Adrian has been married for 8 years, and has 2 small children

Adrian enjoys providing oversight and administrative support to ensure Bullseye’s clients needs are met on an ongoing basis.



Ching-Yi Hsiao

- Production Manager, British Columbia

Previously working in customer service and production, Ching-Yi joined Bullseye in 2012.

Ching-Yi was hired as a production worker, promoted to Production Lead, Production Supervisor, and is currently in the role of Production Manager.

Ching-Yi has been married 10 years and has 2 school-aged children.

Ching-Yi enjoys training staff and leading the crews to success.



Darren Bolko

- Warehouse Manager, British Columbia

Previously working in construction and food service, Darren joined Bullseye in 2011.

Darren was hired as a production worker, promoted to Production Lead, and currently holds the position of Warehouse Manager.

Darren enjoys organizing client materials and goods within the warehouse.





Jason Clair

- Production Manager, Alberta

Hired on October 15 2012

Jason worked in a large selection of industries before coming to Bullseye. He worked in tourism, food service, carpentry, meat cutter, and sport coach.

While working at Bullseye he has held the following positions:

-Production Worker

-Forklift Driver

-Material Handler

-Production Lead

-Marketing Specialist

His current Job Title at Bullseye Packaging is Production Manager of the Calgary Facility.