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What to Consider When Choosing Your Storage Partner

Eira Braun-Labossiere December 09, 2023

Planning your storage solution for beverage, food and clean consumer packaged goods

Not all storage facilities are the same. To find a suitable storage solution for your unique product and needs, it’s important to match your priorities with the right place to hold your goods.

Here is a quick checklist of considerations.


If it is manufactured food that needs storing, is it shelf-stable? Or does it require a temperature monitored environment?


Is the warehouse cleanliness maintained on a regular basis?

What else is being stored in the warehouse? If other clients’ goods have a scent or a tendency to give off dry particulates, will it affect your product in any way?

Pest Control:

Does the storage facility regularly check traps?

Are the traps monitored by a third party, with results documented?

Safety & Security:

Is the warehouse traffic controlled? Or do delivery drivers and clients tour freely?

Are confidentiality and safety of goods honoured by limiting access to anyone outside of employees?

Are there monitored cameras, and are doors controlled by keyed electric locks?

Are visitors monitored by sign in/sign out and with a chaperone?

Does the storage facility require a mutual NDA for confidentiality?


How many pallet footprints do you need?

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of space you may rent at a time?

Repacking Services:

If you need cross-docking or repacking services, does the warehouse also offer this as a professional service?


Does the storage facility hold appropriate licensing for storing your product in their environment?


Will you receive regular updates on inventory counts?

Remember that if product moves in and out on a regular basis, you don’t want to lose track of inventory levels and you will need to verify quantities against invoices.

Your product matters. Don’t downplay the level of service you need for storage.

Do your homework and ask questions from the facility that holds and manages your goods. Never be afraid to ask for testimonials too. Whether or not the facility provides additional 3PL services, trusting your third-party storage warehouse is an important vendor relationship.

Did you know that beyond pre-retail repacking services, Bullseye Packaging Services has expanded their storage in Calgary to accommodate ambient or temperature-sensitive goods?

Whether you need to park your goods for a week or a year, Bullseye is conveniently located near the airport and various courier warehouses too.

Contact Eira to learn more: or 403-970-7155.