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Variety Packs: Assemble In-house or Outsource to a Professional Co-packer?

Eira Braun-Labossiere August 14, 2023

An examination on cost, time, and convenience.

Variety packs are proven sales generators. They are an efficient way to promote new flavours, liquidate SKU rationalizations, and generally increase your bottom line.

It may seem like making your own variety packs could be easier and cheaper than farming it out to a vendor. However, anyone who has taken on this repetitive task with their own staff may have discovered the hard way that some things are not as easy – or even as inexpensive -- as they seem.

Let’s examine some factors involved with mix pack assembly and where time and cost savings come into the process.


  • Does your team know the most efficient set-up that balances accuracy and speed? Depending on the number of flavours and the type of carton assembly, this may vary. Efficiency = Time = Money.


  • Whether using company staff or temp workers, typically your employees are not accustomed to this unique process.
  • Taking current employees off of their regular production line means distraction from their usual work.


  • Can you afford the extra time it takes to set up a unique variety pack line or the training of one-off temp workers?
  • If you’re under a tight timeline, based on the factors above, will you be able to meet the crunch while accomplishing your regular daily tasks?


  • Is your staff aware of what kinds of anomalies or issues to flag? A sharp eye and packing consistency are key to good-looking finished goods.

Warehouse Space:

  • Making variety packs takes up a lot of real estate as you must pull multiple flavours from various pallets. Some breweries just can’t afford the space this takes up.

Things you should expect from outsourcing to a professional co-packer:


  • Reasonable turnaround utilizing lean manufacturing practices.


  • A seasoned managerial team with trained regular staff who have a vested interest in creating quality results.


  • A clear plan on when you can drop off and pick up finished goods in a timely manner that meets deadlines.


  • Stable, properly wrapped finished pallets.
  • Consistent, quality work overall.

Warehouse Space:

  • Properly licensed to handle liquor and beverage/food.
  • Adequate room to store packaging and product.
  • Production lines dedicated to efficiency and careful workmanship.


  • Good communication from start to finish.
  • Any problems flagged, photographed and shared ahead of mounting issues.
  • A detailed Production Report at the end of every production run; every unit should be accounted for.

The next time you want to promote your beer, RTDs, non-alcoholic beverages, functional beverages, flavoured water, or any food or beverage product as a mix pack, it is worth considering these assembly factors.

Be selective about which vendor you choose. Experience has taught us all that you often get what you pay for, but due diligence is a critical part of the vendor selection. 

Talk to a seasoned secondary co-packer who specializes in variety pack assembly and who will reliably and enthusiastically support you with this process every year. Discuss the process, get a quote, and take the time to truly consider which option makes more financial sense and is less disruptive to your facility.

Bullseye Packaging Services has been assembling variety packs for 15 years. Trust the pros and get your quote from us today!

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