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Personal Customer Care in Co-packing

Eira Braun-Labossiere March 08, 2023

Human customer service matters

Human customer service matters.

Sometimes it seems that true customer service has gone out of style. In many industries, businesses are so busy competing on price that the human equation has become forgotten.

While AI and chatbots have reached new heights and capabilities… we are not machines. Experienced customer service fills in gaps that artificial intelligence cannot provide. Real life customer care is a personal connection that can make all the difference for successful project.

How many times have you used an online chat service only to go in circles because it cannot identify an answer for your nuanced or specific question? I know I have used many a “help” line for a quick solution, only to be forced to navigate multiple menus waiting for much too long or never getting the answer I was after.

How do you get to know your co-packing business partner when you are made to feel like just another number?

Welcome Aboard

A great way to assess compatibility with a co-packing partner is how you are treated from get-go to result. Here is a mental checklist for when you are vetting your contract packager:

How soon do you get a response from a living, breathing person at the co-packing business?

And then how fast is the turnaround time from your quote request to an actual quote hitting your mailbox?

Do you feel your co-packer has captured and understands all of the important details you have relayed to them? How have they assured you of this?

Are your questions and concerns addressed professionally and satisfactorily, either by phone or by email (or both)?

Once you’ve approved the quote, do you get direction on what next steps are to get your new relationship and project rolling?

Are schedules and timelines established? Are shipping/receiving appointments confirmed so that you know when to ship in and when to pick up to meet your deadline?

By the end of the project do you feel your co-packing partner guided you through the process in a friendly person-to-person way? Did you get the value you paid for out of the process?

Co-packing is Always a Partnership

Every co-packing business has their own culture and manner of executing a project. A professional co-packer finds best efficiencies for production so that you don’t have to worry about how they are running your project.

Your only concerns should be how you are communicated with throughout the co-packing process and that the final product meets or exceeds your expectations.

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