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Eira Braun-Labossiere November 16, 2023

"ON TARGET"  That’s the title of Western Food Processor’s Fall issue cover story on Bullseye Packaging Services.

The publication took an interest in us when they learned we were celebrating our 10th anniversary at our Calgary location this year. (Our 15th year in BC is just around the corner.) Our facilities have a strong work history with liquor industry partnerships, but we also have significant engagement with the food and beverage industry.

We love our alcohol clients and devote ourselves to contributing towards their growth and success. We also strive for ongoing partnerships with food and beverage and other consumer packaged goods clients.

Every project we handle for liquor products can be applied to food and beverage – and so much more – and we have that versatility to do it right.

Through the methods developed and applied by our professional team, and training up our regular long-term staff, production lines are lean and efficient. Equipment is maximized with an experienced labour team.

While clients want the quality first workmanship we promise, they also want timely communication and connection to their projects. That’s why we have a dedicated customer care leader ensuring all new customers are onboarded with care and ongoing clients are supported throughout the year.

Quotes extracted from the original article. Click here for the full cover story!

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