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Eira Braun-Labossiere July 07, 2022

Whether you’re an Operations Manager, a Marketing Director or an entrepreneur -- whatever your role in grocery manufacturing and sales is -- we are still all consumers. So we have all noticed the drastic changes in our grocery bills due to the highest, fastest inflation increase since the early 80’s.

We may be shopping differently because of this and I’m sure you are noticing some striking changes in consumer behaviour as well. To offset costs many will be considering their options and shopping around for the best value. That could mean they will opt to switch brands.

For retail sales, this can bring opportunities or disadvantages, depending on how you position your products. There are promotions you can use to retain your customers. There are also ways to entice shoppers to try some of your other products or win them over from their usual brands.

VenturePark Strategy’s recent “Signpost” newsletter featured some strategic methods in keeping or winning over your target market. Here are two of their ideas that your local co-packer can support you with:

“Add Value:
Whether it’s a coupon, a promotion, a multi-pack discount or even pushing your local credentials, there are ways to make your consumers’ lives that little bit easier or to make increases a little easier to swallow.”

“Retain Switching Consumers:
Canadians are switching brands now more than ever. That means you’ll be seeing a bunch of new folks trying your product for the first time but also dropping some. Can you convert those switchers in the long term through subscription, through multi-pack formats or multi-purchase promotions?”

Instead of stocking shelves with your product as is, bring some positive cost-savings attention through these strategies:

  1. Multi-pack formats
  2. “Value-adds” like attached coupons or gifts with purchase
  3. Subscriptions

Win over a new consumer or retain your usual shopper. It’s more important now than ever in making a difference to your bottom line.

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