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Eira Braun-Labossiere February 21, 2022

Displays disrupt consumer traffic and showcase your product.

Display Style

Deciding on the right style of display takes care and consideration. Placement within the store matters too, as you not only want your loyal shoppers to continue buying your product, you also want to intrigue potential first-time consumers.

Most of the corrugate displays you see in store are what are called “pre-pack displays”. This means the displays are built and pre-loaded prior to store distribution. Often this assembly work is outsourced to a trusted secondary co-packer.


Promotion through displays is essential to brand awareness.

“To be successful, an intensive campaign utilizes both broad reach (expose more people to the message) and high frequency (expose people multiple times to the message)."

- Wikipedia

An in-store display does both! In order for a consumer to consider your product, they must be aware that it even exists. As they make repeat visits to the store, your brand becomes more familiar and comfortable to them, making a purchase a higher possibility. Your logo, your packaging, your label, all contribute to brand recognition and recall.


We have established that displays are essential to driving up sales. You’ve dropped some coin on structural and graphic design, materials and production costs. So why on earth would you decide to ship them off anywhere (or to the lowest bidder) and hope they’ll get built right, hope the co-packer will worry about the same small details you did to get it there.

Once your pre-pack display is printed and produced, ready for assembly and loading, select your contract packer with care. Ensure they have a clean and orderly facility and are interested in a partnership. You want a team member in your co-packer as you will be working together to coordinate the project. You want a partner that feels the urgency to work within your timelines.

Bullseye Packaging Services will assemble and load your pre-pack displays with the highest care and quality. Contact us today for a free quote.