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What pack formats are available to me?

Available Pack Format OrientationsYour options are wide open with print-registered shrink film. All application equipment will have size limitations specific to the design of the equipment. If you are sourcing equipment, ensure that your maximum and minimum pack sizes will fit through the machine efficiently. Some equipment may have the maximum size capabilities, but be restrictive to the minimum size. If you are looking for a contract packager to apply the film for you, the same process exists to confirm sizing capabilities. However, you have the additional capability of requiring the contract packager to receive sample product and return at least one wrapped sample back to you for verification. This additional step removes a lot of the guess-work for both you and your contract packager, with minimum costs.

In addition to pack size restrictions, the equipment you are sourcing, or the contract packager you are interested in, may have limitations regarding flexibility to variety pack. Here are a few examples of variety pack orientations. It is adviseable to provide enough information to your contract packager to confirm they have the capability to handle your most complex configuration.