Success Stories » Old Yale Brewing Co.

The Opportunity

Since Old Yale's start in 1999, They’ve always stayed true to their roots; seeking perfect balance using the finest, all natural ingredients combined with Canada’s best drinking water. Their entire award winning line up – from the crisp, straightforward Knotty Blonde to Canada’s best beer, Sasquatch Stout – is made to reflect this balance and is inspired by the landscape that surrounds us.


They believe the story of their hand-crafted beer can’t be fully told using words alone. The beer’s story has to be experienced, one sip at a time. They only brew beer that they love to drink, so when it comes to telling their story, they let their beer do the talking.


Old Yale Brewing - A Bullseye Packaging Client

The Results

We have loved working with Old Yale Brewing Co. They continue to put out great new products that perfectly depicts their love for Craft Beer and the adventures in life. We are proud to work with them in assembling their seasonal variety packs and any specialty projects that come their way. By allowing us to take away this time consuming, monotonous task of assembly, Old Yale has been able to spend more time focusing on creating the best Craft Beer that they can!


We love seeing these results for our clients. Showing that through providing remarkable quality, services, and prices we can help provide a practical service all while helping you focus on developing and growing your business.


Services Provided

  • Winter Craft Cooler (12 Can Variety Pack)
  • Summer Craft Cooler (12 Can Variety Pack)

Client Testimonial

"Bullseye has become an integral partner to Old Yale, and has continually helped ensure our products make it out the door in top of the line condition. Bullseye has lifted the weight off our production team by taking over tasks that took away from brewing time (like assembling cardboard variety pack boxes) which means we can focus on doing what we do best – making delicious, hand crafted beer!"


Claire Jensen
Brand Manager
Old Yale Brewing Co.